Reference Listed Drug Products / Comparator Drug Product

In clinical trials, one often needs a comparator drug. At times these are difficult to procure, expensive and time-intensive while highlighting your trial to a competitor. The experience, vast supply network and global market knowledge of Specialty PharmaSource CTS will ensure the comparator sourcing experience is straightforward for you.

  • Specialty PharmaSource is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesale company. Our experience as pharmaceutical distributors combined with our international network of pharmaceutical drug wholesaler partners makes us possible at Specialty PharmaSource to procure branded Innovator Samples/Reference Listed Drugs for bioequivalence and clinical trials from almost anywhere in the world. We specialized in sourcing branded Innovator Samples/Reference Listed Drugs (RLD) from single/multiple batches in specific quantities as well as ability to supply the products that are unavailable from most suppliers.
  • Our experience with cold chain shipping and in dealing with international customs requirements helps us to ensure that your temperature sensitive study drugs arrive to your clinical trial facilities within the required temperature range. We use dedicated transport companies that cater for cold, ambient and everyday storage and delivery requirements.
  • Our team will provide advise and updates on specialty products, product shortages and/or manufacturer delays enabling you to stay one step ahead and plan your study accordingly.
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